Yummy Treasures – The Clue to DIY Jewelry

The handmade jewelry or DIY jewelry are becoming more and more popular. On the Web you can find hundreds of tutorials about how to create bracelets and more complex jewelry. Either way you need to find components for decorating. With items from Yummy Treasures you can be sure that you will be able to create an infinite number of DIY jewelry.

DIY Bracelets from honestlywtf

Tiny pretty beads, drops, cabochons and pendant make the mood rise being unfussy accessories. The materials used by the designers are acrylic, plastic and glass. One can choose the variety of combination from the line of the items and create the accessory which will be ideal for her.

I want to draw your attention to the zest of Yummy Treasures. These are beautiful and amazing multicolor bears which can’t leave anyone indifferent because they are so fun! These charming bears will bring back to the childhood giving the joy even in everyday routine. I think the name of these jewels was chosen very proper.

Blue Gummi Bear Charms Drops

Glass Ivory Pearl Beaded Chain

Pink Daisy Wildflower Intaglio Glass Cabochon

Round Glass Sailboat Intaglio Cabochons

Unique Vintage Black Glass Drops

Vintage Copper Bell Charms

Vintage Rose Pink Moonglow Glass Heart

DIY Bracelets from honestly…wtf

VIA: Yummy Treasures

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