Wooden Jewelry Case designed by Saskia Diez

AC02 JEWEL is a quadruple jewelry box. Interesting casket handcrafted out of solid European walnut. The surface of each of the modules has a different interior partitions, which conveniently lend themselves to the storing various jewelry or other precious stuff. The main features of this jewelry box are the pure use of material, simplicity and function.


Munich designer Saskia Diez in collaboration with German company e15 has created AC02 JEWEL. Saskia Diez is well known for her progressive jewelry design ideas and e15 is an internationally renowned design and architecture brand operating in the premium segment of the market. AC02 JEWEL is really amazing.

AC02 JEWEL module
Jewelry case by Saskia Diez
Jewelry case by e15
AC02 JEWEL closed
AC02 JEWEL from the top
AC02 JEWEL, e15 and Saskia Diez logos

VIA: Saskia Diez & e15.

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