Wedding Tattoo – Alternative Wedding Rings Idea

Wedding is one of the main ceremonials in human life and choosing the ideal wedding bands is also a part of wedding ceremony. Nowadays assortment of bridal jewelry has no limits. Wedding rings should become symbols of sacred union between enamored people. But why should these symbols of eternal love be a wearable piece of precious metal? On the Internet I found an interesting alternative idea.

Wedding Tattoo - Alternative Wedding Rings Ideas

Have you ever thought that you can do wedding tattoo instead of jewelry rings? Advantages are evident. First of all it will be unique symbols of you and your beloved one. Also it’s impossible to take off such kind of ring. Indeed why should you withdraw it? Precious materials are nothing in comparison with your love.

Wedding Rings Wedding Tattoos
Wedding Band Tattoos
Wedding Bands - Wedding Tattoos
Wedding Band Tattoo
Unique Wedding Tattoo
Infinity Wedding Ring Tattoo
Infinity Wedding Ring Tattoos

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5 Comments to “Wedding Tattoo – Alternative Wedding Rings Idea”
  1. Damions Girl says:

    Hmm the heart & key . . I like it.
    The crown ring is neat too.

  2. irishlad65 says:

    Be sure if you’re getting the caladdah ring tattooed that you know which way it’s supposed to go. Facing outwards like the picture means that you’re “on the market” so to speak. I guess that works if you’re in an open marriage.

    Generally though, the point of the heart should be facing towards you – it means you’ve found someone.

  3. Kyle Griswold says:

    Tise claddagh ring tattoos are a fail. When they are facing that way they signify that the wearer is single. You flip it the opother way with the point of the heart facing towards the hand when you are married.

  4. Soria says:

    They are cute am thinking of replacing my wedding band i think i will just get a tat instead.

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