Wedding Rings Created by Sound from Sakurako Shimizu

Thought of the artist knows no boundaries. It would seem that we have no chance to be surprised. But there are more and more talented jewelers and designers. Works of Sakurako Shimizu have no equal.

Waveform wedding ring from Sakurako Shimizu

Wedding ring is a very delicate thing. Sakurako Shimizu offers wedding rings decorated with sound wave. Content of the default sound is “I do”. But on request this phrase can be replaced by any other. Such exquisite Jewelry is obtained by cutting the sound wave from pieces of jewelry with laser. Depending on desire of the customer rings can be made from silver, platinum, 18K white, pink and yellow gold. And if you’re not ready for the wedding then you might be interested in other Jewelry created by the same technology.

Waveform wedding Band from Sakurako Shimizu
Waveform Series Silver Brooch from Sakurako Shimizu
Waveform Series Silver Cuff Bracelet from Sakurako Shimizu
Waveform Series Silver earrings from Sakurako Shimizu

For more detail and prices please visit Sakurako Shimizu site.

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8 Comments to “Wedding Rings Created by Sound from Sakurako Shimizu”
  1. grace says:

    I love it.

  2. Vedette says:

    Now that would be something unique. And making it match the vocal tones of the bearer would make it extra special.

  3. banana man says:


  4. Megan Ellis says:

    I want one!

  5. zorine says:

    i likes those ring but how can i buy it

  6. Paul J Hermann says:

    I noticed your work a while back, and you’ve perfected your designs… I love it…..You may appreciate my tattoo I got a while back.


  7. Brittany Bowser says:

    Your rings are amazing! What is the cost?

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