Verdigris Patina from Dime Store Emporium

I think old-fashioned elegance is the brightest characteristic for Verdigris Patina by Dime Store Emporium. But the amusing thing is that these jewels perfectly fit in with the surrounding modern world. The designer is in constant search of ideas and inspiration, she often updates the line of the jewel models.

As you can notice the prevalent colors of Verdigris Patina are turquoise and malachite. Curious and funny little flowers, owls, birds, animals, stars and so on. Everyone can find something to himself. All of the items in this collection are both lead and nickel free. One more fact is that adornments from Dime Store Emporium take the place in TOP 10 of the most sold jewels on Etsy.

VIA: Dime Store Emporium.

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