Valentine’s Day 2012 Jewelry Gift Ideas: 9 Amazing Lockets from Etsy

Lockets are probably the most romantic type of jewelry. It is not only decoration but also storage for photos or other relics. It is believed that the lockets was invented in ancient Rome, it was a round disk, which was the award to the military commander at the time of triumph.

Locket is a great gift for Valentine’s Day. They all are unique and made of different materials. Most of them are performed in Victorian style. Each of these lockets has something special even though they are from different price categories. I hope you like it.

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3 Comments to “Valentine’s Day 2012 Jewelry Gift Ideas: 9 Amazing Lockets from Etsy”
  1. Alli says:

    Can you provide links to where these lockets are available on Etsy, please?

  2. Ethel says:

    That’s great Crystal. I will check out your new store and will def buy supplies from you on Etsy. I kinda have my eye on the Keep Calm and Carry On necaklce. :-)I love your new stuff, too. :-)By the way I never got the Halloween banners. :-(Molly

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