Unique Stunning Jewelry from David Rice

Timeless design is that what distinguishes David Rice’s design. It is this quality that sets us apart. The designer catches his inspiration in feelings as well as in the nature while creating his masterpieces for wearing and for the home interior. For example, the Sails collection wonderful in its unusualness is inspired by wind and water, it reminds to us about the little yacht running on the waves.

14k White Gold with Blue Spinel and Diamonds

Graffiti surprises by the interesting forms and style, while the peculiarity of Gemstones is the play of colors in the facets of the jewels. Made of silver and gold, decorated by the finest gemstones, the adornments from David Rice please by its top-quality and perfect craftsmanship.

14K White Gold with Kunzite
14k Gold with Tanzanite

Silver and 14k Gold with Aquamarine Cabachon
Silver, 14k Gold, Lapis Lazuli and Diamond

VIA: David Rice.

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