Trendy Silver Rings and Bracelets by Hermes

French high fashion house Hermes is known for the use of high quality materials and skillful craftsmanship. The rings and bracelets made of silver from this brand embody the concept and tradition of refined elegance which was considered as the philosophy of Hermes Company. These pieces of jewelry are the unique creations for the ladies. They are not only beautiful and fascinating, but also full of contemporary fashion sense.

Débridée Silver bracelet by Hermes

Hermes jewelry can become universal and suitable for any situation, either for week end or for the work day in the office combining actual particular classiness and luxurious and noble sophistication. Intricate silver rings or unusual bangles will become a perfect decorative accessorize with the certain adoration of luxury French chic.

Collier de Chien Silver bracelet by Hermes
Arcane Silver bracelet by Hermes
Boucle Sellier Silver bracelet by Hermes
Cartouche Bracelet in silver and evercalf leather by Hermes
Jeanne d'Arc Bracelet in silver by Hermes
Crazy Calèche Bracelet, silver ombre and pink gold by Hermes
Croisette Bracelet in silver, MM size by Hermes
Eclipse Bracelet in silver, GM size by Hermes
Skipper Bracelet by Hermes
Quark Ring in silver by Hermes
Osmose Ring in silver by Hermes
Clarté Ring in silver by Hermes
Croisette Ring in silver by Hermes
Vertige Ring in silver by Hermes

For more detail and prices please visit Hermes site.

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