Titanic-DNA: Contemporary Steampunk Timepieces and Accessories

RJ – Romain Jerome is the company which is inspired by “DNA of famous legends”. It is easy to guess what Titanic-DNA collection, consisting of watches and pens, is dedicated to. The designers use the rusted steel bezel which is the combination of two metals.

Day & Night Spiral

Coal, steel and rust, performing as the integral parts of each piece in Titanic-DNA collection, are transforming due to the experience of the Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast where the famous liner ever created was born. Some items are made with black gold and silver. Don’t be surprised by using the rust. RJ applies the unique procedure that helps to stop this process any further. So the limited quantity of timepieces and pens are really extraordinary. They certainly underline manliness and strength possessing some special elegance.

A la Grande Automatic
A la Grande Tourbillon
Chrono Oxy Black
Chrono Oxy Red
Chrono Oxy Steel
Chrono Oxy Ultimate Black
Day & Night
Oxy Black
Oxy Red
Oxy Steel
Oxy Ultimate Black
Steampunk Black
Steampunk Metal
Steampunk Red
Tourbillon Chronograph
Tourbillon Steampunk Black
Tourbillon Steampunk Red
Tourbillon Ultimate Black
Fountain Pen Anthracite
Foutain Pen Red Mat
Rollerball Black
Rollerball Palladium

For more detail and prices please visit Romain Jerome site.

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