Tiny World in a Bottle – Miniatures from Akinobu Izumi

Collections of works by Japanese artist Akinobu Izumi are not actually jewelry. Each of these masterpieces was created without use of gold and diamonds. Main feature of his works is not simply the creation of miniatures in bottles, but rather using of miniature bottles. The height of the bulb, in which the artist creates his miniatures, is only 22 millimeters in height and 12 millimeters in width!

Tiny World in a Bottle performed like clockwork. It’s amazing and unbelievable that Akinobu can build interesting scenes in a tiny bottle. You can use them as phone charms or pendants, or just keep it on your desk.

VIA: Akinobu Izumi Etsy shop.

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4 Comments to “Tiny World in a Bottle – Miniatures from Akinobu Izumi”
  1. Make handmade says:

    Great ideas! i love it, thanks for sharing

  2. Shauna68 says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Tiny World In A Bottle…Amazing !!

  3. 16Autumn_Nights says:

    Omg! those are so freaking amazing I want them all!! ^^)

  4. A.L. Designs Jewelry says:

    Love all the miniatures …. especially with sea angel!!!

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