Fiore Jewellery Story

Unique and whimsical jewelry has always appealed to me, and when a friend started making her own pieces I decided to experiment. I had an idea for a necklace and bought some materials. My first piece turned out really well and I was delighted. With the spare materials I hadn’t used I began experimenting by making other pieces, and soon I was hooked. I’ve been in love with the process of making jewelry ever since.

My processes and materials have developed a lot since the beginning. However the simple enjoyment of making something beautiful has not changed.

Some of my pieces are designed to make the wearer feel special and self-confident. Others will make the wearer smile to herself, or remind her of someone or something special in her life. All my pieces evoke different feelings. I love when one of my pieces makes a connection with the wearer in that way.

VIA: Fiore Jewellery.

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