The Story of a Jeweler: Wang Jing

My name is Wang Jing. I am a designer from China. Last year I just finished my bachelor degree (Industrial Design) in Jiangnan University, Jiangsu, China. Now I am working as a freelancer in Jingdezhen-A ceramic town in Jiangxi Province, China. The town has lots of resource and history of ceramic. Many artists, craftsman and foreigners reside there.

In my leisure time, I work as a translator or an assistant for foreign artists in Jingdezhen, to help them communicate with local Chinese craftsman, or with some technical problems from their art work.

Speaking of the reason why I become a jeweler, it’s just a coincident. The first jewelry I designed is last year during my graduate design period, my “Re-circle Ceramic series”. The intension is to combine ceramic with wasted materials, to make them into beautiful pieces. Jewelry is the medium I choose to present such beauty. So after making my first series of ceramic jewelry, I got many positive feedback which encourage me designing jewelry. Besides, Wearing jewelry is like wearing art , the small piece have such power. Who can resist such beauty? Since them I continue to design new jewelry by using ceramic and some wasted material.

The theme of my design always related to environmental problem. From many aspects: material(Re-circle Ceramic Series, Wasted Glass Jewerly), concept(Lost in Frame), making process(Re-circle). I want to dig other spiritual function of Jewerly: not only show beauty, but also arouse people’s awareness of our environment because our earth has suffered too much. The jewelry makes people realize that they have duty to protect the environment. So the environment and the beauty of nature became the inspiration of my work.

Most of the material I use is ceramic and wasted glass. I want to show people that even waste can be turned into art. In my future design, I will discover the beauty of other wasted material like paper, plastic, metal, wood chip.

I hope my design could up-cycle the value of useless material, and bring more beautiful possibilities to people’s daily life. By the same time release the burdens of our earth.

VIA: Wang Jing.

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