The Story of a Jeweler: Verena Schreppel

I began to get involved in jewelry design when I was studying product design, during the development of the cutlery Doppelripp. I started to play with textile structures to be used as the handles for my cutlery. Since our world today seems flat and smooth, computer generated, I wanted to set something to oppose this concept and to introduce a haptic quality.

Zopf ring made of 18kt gold

Textures bear a sensitive quality, they change when wearing and I believe that is a very natural concept. In nature nothing stays the same. Many of my clients value this concept when they buy my jewelry for their anniversary or wedding. Each time it’s a compliment to me, because love is the highest concept and I am always excited that a piece of my jewelry will be a link of their love.

You are welcome to visit me by appointment in my studio in Berlin. My next show will be at Galerie Hruschka close to Stuttgart opening May 1st, 2012. We have a studio event with performance in June and in August I will show my work at the New York Gift Fair.

Zopf Brooch – Delicate silver brooch made of silver

VIA: Verena Schreppel.

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