The Story of a Jeweler: Neta Wolpe

My name is Neta Wolpe and I am an Israeli born jeweler. I have been designing jewelry for over twenty years. Having studied both within Israel and at academies abroad I have had many opportunities refine my jewelry and design skills. I am inspired by the rich life and culture that surrounds me.

I was also strongly influenced by my mother who was an art teacher and crafter. As a child I was lucky enough to join her and her friends while they worked on their own projects such as sewing themselves dresses and bags. My participation in their creative process taught me the basics of design and instilled in me a love of art and self-reliance.

My art and design have greatly evolved, since I first began to explore the world or jewelry making. In recent years I have turned to using predominantly gold: yellow, white and rose. With this transition it has been my aim to make more delicate and heirloom style jewelry; primarily engagement and wedding rings.

VIA: Neta Wolpe.

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