The Story of a Jeweler: Melda Onbasyan

I am working with my fiancé Arda Ekserciyan. He is the designer and producer of all the jewelry on our shop. I am working for his marketing and pr.

We are a little family company based in Istanbul Grand Bazaar. Arda is a young designer (26 years old) and has been working in the jewelry craftsmanship since he is 12. Last year he decided to design tiny, delicate, simple but chic jewelry for everyday use. But he has also an artisanal collection. We don’t sell that collection on etsy. It’s very unique Haute Couture collection. You can find it on our official web site.

VIA: Melda Onbasyan.

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5 Comments to “The Story of a Jeweler: Melda Onbasyan”
  1. Karina says:

    whats your official website?

  2. Canan says:

    What is the website & etsy links?

  3. Zuzana says:

    Should i buy some of yours products/jeweleries via internet?

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