The Story of a Jeweler: Marina Po

Sometimes I see a beauty in the things that other people find strange or weird… I perceive my inspiration from the many many things, places, people, sounds, phrases and just words…

I was born in Russia but living in Norway. I’m graduated from Ural state academy with a degree in technology of the artistic materials processing. Also took a course “Creative technic in Jewellery” at private Jewellery school in Oslo, Norway.

Each of my collection is a journey and I never know where the final destination is going to be end up.

I love working with the different materials like metal, stone, glass, pieces of wood, paper, textile, plastic, wire and so on. I’m as well interested in the organic materials.

This year I’m planning to participate in two exhibitions in Norway and in one video installation project in Russia.

More about my work you can find on my web site.

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5 Comments to “The Story of a Jeweler: Marina Po”
  1. Alisa says:

    This is great! Marina’s collections is inspiring, make happy and helps to see what’s in the daily life of an ordinary man is not enough .. Brightness, creative, positive and magic..!) I love Marina and her jewelry!!!)))

    • Marina says:

      Thank you Alisa, thank you for warm words)))
      I’m so happy to read it))) really
      You make me happy!!!

  2. Fairina says:

    Hi Marina, your work is beautiful!

  3. Marina says:

    Thank you Fairina 🙂

  4. Eva says:

    You are such a wonderful person Marina, but most of all a wonderful artist. Great work:)

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