The Story of a Jeweler: Gregory Larin

I was born in Russia in the city Tula, an industrial town which is known for it’s manufacturing of weapons and gingerbread.

After immigrating at the age of 19 to Israel in 1997, I got drafted to the IDF, where I served as an aircraft builder at the Air Force for two and a half years. It was there where I discovered my creativity.

Once my military service ended, I took a government founded metalwork course and decided to continue on an academic level. In 2007 I graduated with honors from the department of Jewelry Design in the renowned Shenkar College. Since then my work has been exhibit around the world both as an artist and as craftsman.

One of the major influence in my artwork is the “street culture” – punk, graffiti and hard cure. Dealing with the extreme part of life in all the topics of my living and creation, taking it to the maximum, to the edge.

The collection I chose to introduce is a collection that influenced by the fetish culture. Culture that characterized by a clean aesthetic. The forms that I use to build my construction are organic forms, amorphous complex with casting of plastic material in a special technique which I have developed and Is unique to me. I choose to incorporate traditional materials, such as Silver 925 with innovative materials, such as epoxy and polymer.

VIA: Gregory Larin.

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