The Story of a Jeweler: Erika Iozsa

My name is Erika Iozsa and Jasmin Blanc is my special place to explore, learn and immortalize beauty, but also a means to get my message through. This brand was born in the beautiful lands of Transylvania in 2010, today being based in London, UK. My current work is a fine shaped jewelry line, handcrafted in ceramics, with a focus on delicate, feminine shapes, pastel colors and detailed textures. Recently I have launched my first wedding collection as well.

I come from a family of creatives, and art has always been the perfect way to express myself. I have learned most of the technicalities from my father, who is a professional mold maker and an artisan of ceramic decorative items. It was exactly this knowledge I got from him, which has become the foundation of everything else I have later learned from experience and a lot of research.

When I was young, I used to tell myself that I wanted a job that would feel like summer holidays. As a reaction to that, I can now say it is not always as relaxing, but it is just as much fun! And perhaps it is exactly a result of my passion and love towards what I do, that generates a certain stubbornness to help me get through both the ups and downs.

I prefer to feel things, rather than analyze them, but if I wanted to name where my inspiration comes from I would surely point out silence, nature and joy. And all these result an amazing liberty to create a certain change, which makes me and even others feel better. It is a miracle how the artist’s soul materializes within a certain object, in a certain moment in time.

I chose ceramics, because it gives endless possibilities and holds amazing surprises. When the door of the kiln opens up, one can never know for certain, whether her expectations will be met or will even be exceeded; the thought that I do not have full power over what I do lifts my heart up. I enjoy living in such a world.

VIA: Erika Iozsa.

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