The Story of a Jeweler: Doron Merav – An Architect and A Goldsmith

My name is Doron Merav and I am an architect, sculptor and jewelry designer. Before my architecture studies and during, I was painting and sculpting in wood, stone and steel. I wasn’t interested in jewelry. So how is it that today I am a full time jewelry designer selling my designs online and in different shops around the world?

During my architecture studies I visited a friend from the university who was a jewelry designer. He showed me the tools and taught me basic technique. I realized that jewelry making is sort of a variation of sculpting. Design studies at the university combined with my experience as a sculptor drove me to buy the necessary equipment and start creating. I have studied alone, experimenting in my home workshop with new materials and techniques. After a long day at the university I would sit at my working desk and work long hours until I was forced to stop in order to have a few hours of sleep before the next day begins.I design according to concepts and experience I acquired in the world of art and architecture.

Sculpting that deals with an object, aesthetics and generating emotions. It evolved into designing a building, a physical environment that adds functionality and human engineering to those principals. Jewelry design combines the two, a sculpture in a small scale that is also designed to fit and compliment the human body. My designs are more than a fashion item, they show textures, rhythms and unusual compositions that were not inspired from another jewel but from the world of nature, architecture and sculpting.

About a month ago a customer from Singapore that bought a ring from my Bio Series (Bio F) wrote a feedback in my online store – “Wearing Doron’s jewelry is like carrying a piece of ancient architecture, very intriguing”

After a period I was creating relentlessly I suddenly noticed that I am spending a lot of money on equipment and materials and I realized that if I wish to go on with it I would have to start selling.

I opened a stall at a small local market where I displayed my newest designs. It was the first time I have ever tried to sell my work so I didn’t design my stall properly (not enough jewelry and a simplistic display) so I didn’t sell much but I noticed a repeating compliment from people – “unique”

Suddenly, for the first time, I started looking at other jewelry people were selling or wearing and, surprisingly, I realized there were a few styles and within those styles there was a boring similarity. Similar designs, Textures and repeating ideas. I thought jewelry makers were very much inspired from other designs that they have seen and liked and so created their own variations of the same. I realized that my background as a sculptor and architect that wasn’t exposed to jewelry can be my advantage.

After a few months I quit the market stall to open my online shop where I sell sterling silver, gold and diamond jewelry to shops and customers around the world.

Today, it is still the uniqueness that I preserve and develop.

I believe that everything we own defines us to ourselves and to the world, whether it is our clothing, our car or even the food we choose to eat and so in a time where the emphasis is on the individuality of each and every one of us there is no more room for “standard” jewelry but to unique designs that express well our individual sense of aesthetics and the unique character of each and every one of us.

Arch. Doron Merav

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