The Story of a Jeweler: Dario Scapitta Design

I was born September 4, 1975 in Valenza (Italy), the capital of Italian goldsmiths. Here I studied jewelry design and then also set design and custome design at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan. For over ten years I have dedicated to jewelry design, working with jewellery companies, always looking for new trends, the study of colors, materials and forms to apply.

Thanks to many years of experience in the use of 3D CAD technology, I have the chance to experiment with new concepts so as to always have a few months ago began a personal journey in creating objects that enclose simplicity, beauty and elegance that can be both traditional and modern, using new materials such as polyamide (nylon) or silver and steel, which, thanks to the technology of 3D printing allows you to create new and contemporary forms.

A few months ago I started to design a jewelry collections using new technologies that allow me to use forms and techniques are always new. Last year I won the second price on the “i.Materialise Jewelry Challege 2011”. Currently I’m making stylized collections with classical forms and stile such as flowers and trying to update them using synthetic materials and then produce them also in metal such as silver, steel and bronze.

My research and vision is always evolving, always full of inspiration and new ideas that accumulate in the head and once in a reset to be transformed into drawings and then into objects that are ready to decorate the body but never make it ridiculous.
I’m also esperimenting ne design for fashion, I’m one of the top 20 designer selected to partecipate at the “Wolrd 3D printing technology Conference” by Materialise in April.

I have now an exibiction in Maastricht in to the shop-gallery ÉTOILEMAASTRICHT.

Dreams must be controlled, not to become bigger than us and overwhelm us.

My dream is to work on my collections, create my atelier, even in a pretty typical street in a neighborhood of other designers and stylists. Being able to create pieces that people appreciate recognizable not just for the name but also for quality, originality and taste. Living with this work and customer satisfaction; be appreciated for doing a good job, always attentive to the trends and never dull. To collaborate with galleries of jewelry or designer shops or other designers, you can always experiment with new ideas.

Continue to believe in what I do to make it with my strength and my ability. The world is changing and changing rapidly, the future is increasingly uncertain and sometimes it becomes difficult to dream. But my motto has always been “Never stop dreaming!” What today we should be afraid of dreaming also addressed, because only then, maybe we can change the future. Believe in their own forces and ambitions even when everything around us seems not afford it.

Believing in his own talent, in their own ideas and creativity that can support our dreams and help build them, always, if possible, with a touch of luck.

VIA: Dario Scapitta Design.

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