The Story of a Jeweler: Ana Ostrom

Growing up as a child of the world both genetically and geographically I find it hard to define exactly where my inspiration comes from, having a Spanish father and a Swedish mother and growing up first in New York, Key West and Stockholm as a child travelling has followed me through life in to adulthood with living in Bangkok, London and Ibiza I think my influences are deeply rooted in my love of meeting new people and understanding different cultures and that obviously includes admiring their art, buildings and music. It sounds like a cliche but it is the truth when I say I always knew I had to be something creative, first it was photography that developed in to film editing but It was just a matter of time until I found that working with metal fascinated me, it is a great feeling to realize an idea into something 3 dimensional and then see someone wearing it! It is only then the whole lovely process has landed and I feel ultimate satisfaction.

I feel very lucky because so far I am bursting with ideas and I have to stop myself to not jump on a new project before the last one is developed but at the moment I have two finished collections, my first one being “Urban Jungle” where the geometric shapes frames my love for leopard print and the contrasts between silver and soft fur. The second one is a more luxury line playing on the British Punk culture giving the stud elegance and the pearl new life. Fine draping gold chain, black pearls and punk studs stems from my love of the unexpected.

My ongoing project is to developing a range for men, with so much out there for women I am intrigued to create a solid collection for men with a unique style. With my female collections already building on geometric shapes and beauty of simplicity I try to appeal to a male audience by designing “no fuzz” pieces, by playing on recognizable concepts and applying an alternative spin I creates pieces men feel comfortable to wear. It is fun and edgy without being overwhelming, just simple and cool.

“Unfold” is my latest project that I am working on as we speak is a set of rings, folded a pierces in to simple shapes hinting colors on the inside, these rings excites me because I love colours and this is my chance to paint! They resemble very much what I am about as a designer, I love fashion but I don’t follow it. I try to create style that will last through trends and ad to your personality and hopefully will be worn and admired for longer.

Through shows in Ibiza the interests has spread to London and my work has been exhibited in London Fashion Week second time running this year.

VIA: Ana Ostrom.

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