The Story of a Jeweler: Ana Claudia Schultz

Ana Claudia Schultz, a Brazilian Brooklenite, created Ana Claudia Design in 2012 after many years of working for others’ design studios and dreaming of creating her own jewelry collection. Her background in architecture design and Brazilian culture inspired her jewelry designs including Ana Claudia Design’s current collections, Archetype FW12 and Audubon.

Archetype was inspired by Ana Claudia Schultz’s, owner and designer of ACD, background in architecture. Truss-t from the Archetype collection stemmed from the engineering element, the truss. And a temple in Florianopolis Brazil, Templo Ecumênico, inspired Façade.

Audubon, a collection designed for the Audubon Society (a percentage of each sale is donated to support their fundraising efforts). It includes feather brass necklace and three knuckle ring.

Currently she is working on her next collection, Crioula, inspired by Brazilian Creole women of the 19th & 20th century. A creole’s social status was expressed by the amount of jewelry she wore, creating beautiful layers of gold necklaces, bracelets and rings. Ana Claudia Design is currently featured in Rock the Post to fund her new collection.

Ana Claudia Design creates unique designs and affordable handcrafted jewelry in Brooklyn, NY.

VIA: Ana Claudia Design site & Etsy shop.

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