The Story of a Jeweler: Alice Halliday

I come from a very creative background and have always loved making things. I wanted to be a fashion designer from a very young age, but also found an interest in making accessories as they are quicker to make than clothes, and also more salable.

I started making jewellery from wire, beads, sequins and lycra in 2002 and selling my pieces in local shops and at markets.

In 2005 I entered the ‘Michel Jewellers Bling Bling’ jewellery design competition with a fashion inspired, hook-and-eye bangle design. I won first prize and was awarded with my design, made by a london jeweller from white and yellow gold with three .25ct diamonds. Winning the competition was a huge honour and it further inspired my interest in jewellery design.

I am very much inspired by nature and my surroundings. I am lucky to live in the beautiful varied countryside of West Cork, Ireland- a very inspiring place, full of rugged and rocky gorse and heather hills, low-lying lush vallies and wonderful pebble beaches.

To this day I continue to combine jewellery design with fashion design and I focus on using recycled materials, working with a combination of metal, wire, plastic, jewels, crystals, beads, sequins, feathers and textiles.

VIA: Alice Halliday.

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