The Gemstone 2 collection from Kara Ross

Kara Ross has presented second Gemstone collection. Adorable faceted rings in original architectural style do not look like anything else. Large but graceful bracelets will look perfect even on the most delicate wrists. Breathtaking earrings with strong and sophisticated silhouettes will be a charming addition to the clothes with same silhouettes.

Kara Ross Faceted Coral Pendant Necklace, Large

Faceted Coral Pendant Necklace, Large

Unique design ideas from Kara Ross always transcend trends and seasons. Masterpieces of the Gemstone 2 collection can be divided into three groups: turquoise, red coral and mother-of-pearl. All jewelry pieces are made with sterling silver and 18k gold some of them decorated with coral, sapphires, and mother of pearl.

Kara Ross Tiny Coral Stud Earrings

Tiny Coral Stud Earrings

Kara Ross Faceted Big Coral Ring

Faceted Big Coral Ring

Kara Ross Faceted Coral Kick Cuff

Faceted Coral Kick Cuff

Kara Ross Tiny Turquoise Stud Earrings

Tiny Turquoise Stud Earrings

Kara Ross Big Turquoise Ring

Big Turquoise Ring

Kara Ross Faceted Turquoise Cuff, Large

Faceted Turquoise Cuff, Large

Kara Ross Faceted Turquoise Cuff, Medium

Faceted Turquoise Cuff, Medium

Kara Ross Faceted Turquoise Kick Cuff

Faceted Turquoise Kick Cuff

Kara Ross Mother-of-Pearl Omega Huggie Earrings

Mother-of-Pearl Omega Huggie Earrings

Kara Ross Big Mother-of-Pearl Ring

Big Mother-of-Pearl Ring

Kara Ross Faceted Mother-of-Pearl Cuff, Medium

Faceted Mother-of-Pearl Cuff, Medium

Kara Ross Faceted Mother-of-Pearl Kick Cuff

Faceted Mother-of-Pearl Kick Cuff

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