The Collaboration of Jewelry and Kinetic Engineering: Wings Collection from Dukno Yoon

Dukno Yoon offers a very unusual rings and bracelets which can imitate wings flapping. He was inspired by movement and interactive relationship with the body. The Wings collection by Dukno Yoon was exhibited at various exhibitions around the world.

Dukno Yoon combines gracefulness with delicate jewelry work In Wings collection. For time immemorial, man has imagine the human form winged, as a divine messenger, or able to fly to freedom, as found in the ancient Greek mythological legend of Daedalus, an artist, sculptor, architect, and engineer who fashioned wings from wax and feathers in order that he and his impetuous son, Icarus, could escape from the Island of Crete and his imprisonment by King Minos.

VIA: Dukno Yoon.

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