Ten Handcrafted Jewelry Pieces with Elephants founded on Etsy

Elephants are a traditional symbol of royal power in India, China and Africa. In Chinese culture the elephant symbolizes strength, prudence, sagacity, energy, supreme power and overcoming death. In Buddhism, the elephant – the most revered sacred animal, a symbol of spiritual knowledge and stability. In the Greco-Roman culture, the elephant is an attribute of Mercury, the emblem of wisdom.

With such a strong semantic charge Elephants become a great symbol for jewelry. These rings, bracelets, pendants and even earring can be founded on Etsy. Artisan from all over the world offers their crafts adorned with Elephant theme. Let see the most popular and interesting of them.

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5 Comments to “Ten Handcrafted Jewelry Pieces with Elephants founded on Etsy”
  1. lujain alkhalifa says:

    Dear ,

    To whom it may concern ,

    Black leather double wrap cuff i wanna know how can i order it and how much is it ?

    Thank You

    • admin says:

      Sorry, but it is no longer available.

      • Ruan says:

        Traci Wonderful giveaway! I love vintgae jewelry so thanks for a great new resource. Favorite is the shoe buckle bracelet but those rosary cross earrings are pretty nice and something I would wear a lot. I’m being selfish but I hope I win! Lou

  2. lujain alkhalifa says:

    Baby Elephant Ring in Sterling Silver with Diamonds

    details please :

    how can i order it , how much ?

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