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Masterpieces Inspired by Yoga from Satya Jewelry

Jewelry can perform not only the function of visual pleasure and the indicator of wealth. Sometimes special design inspires person’s spiritual world helping to relax or may be even revealing some hidden sides of the soul. Satya collection from Satya and Beth is just an excellent example. Two friends created a bit mystic jewelry combining elegance and simplicity. They were inspired by long travels at the Eastern countries and communicating with different cultures.

Bedrock Gold Necklace

Yoga inspired collection is full of meaning. The designers used semi-precious gems, such as garnet, sapphire or tourmaline combined with gold and sterling. These materials are known to have specific metaphysical, spiritual or energy healing properties. Be sure that this collection will create a special mood encouraging the inner sphere and involving you into the world of tranquility and harmony. Evoke the realm of the divine through the mysteries of life. Read More »