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The Ideals of Writing Instruments from Tribute to the Mont Blanc Collection

The highest mountain of Europe Montblanc charms by its beauty and splendor. Many people all over the world come to see it. But did you know that this mountain inspires not only alpinists to reach its peak but also the designers to create their masterpieces. Its marvelous beauty encouraged the creation of the new “Tribute to the Mont Blanc” Collection.

Tribute to the Mont Blanc Writing Instrument

These luxury writing instruments and accessories are made of different stones and materials. The cold beauty of the pens expresses the hypnotizing charm of the snowy icy surfaces making them a bit closer. The six glaciers and the peak of Mont Blanc became the emblem of the brand being crafted at the top of the cap with snowy quartz. Montblanc writing accessories are finished with top quality level and exclusivity. It is also interesting to note that the brand make its contribution in the supporting of the ecology of this unique nature body. Read More »