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Nature Inspired Jewelry from Woodland Belle

We have already presented to your attention the wonderful and creative Tiny Terrarium collection from the North Carolina based Woodland Belle brand. But the imagination of Mai McKemy inspired by the surrounding flora has no limits. The Succulent collection expresses the beauty and brightness of the flowers. Crafted from plastic, bronze and sterling silver each handmade item of this collection is of original design.

Solid Bronze Sedum Succulent Necklace

It all starts with the nature, and the designer tries to show it in her adornments underlining the harmony and connection between the mankind and the mother-nature. The fun and inspiring design is devoted to the modern woman full of sensibility and charm which are sometimes hidden in the city routine. The colorful and luscious little flowers in the jewelry perfectly underline the tenderness and complete the image. Read More »

Fresh Jewelry for True Nature Lovers by Mai McKemy

The Tiny Terrarium collection will be the ideal choice for summer time. Rings and pendants from this collection are true works of art. Each of them contains the part charming forest scenery. No matter where you are, with these accessories a little piece of nature will always be with you. Mai McKemy draws inspiration from the nature that surrounds her. Woodland Belle studio is located in Asheville, North Carolina.

Tiny Woodland Terrarium Mushroom and Blue Morpho Butterfly Necklace

Pieces from this fabulous Terrarium collection are made of sterling silver, thick Pyrex glass and other different materials. Glass strong enough to not break if dropped but it is still glass and care should be taken while wearing these precious items. Read More »