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Treasures Inspired by The Wood from Digby & Iona

Contemporary wood art becomes very popular and actual now. Sometimes the designers use precious metals to make them look like wood. The bright example is the Wood collection by Aaron Ruff from Digby & Iona. It includes stylish accessories just suitable for the modern world.

Stump Ring from The Wood collcetion by Digby and Iona

All jewelry pieces from The Wood collection are made of solid oxidized sterling silver or oxidized vermeil and are available with or without customized engraving. Ring and cuff can be set with diamond. By the way such ring or necklace can become a very romantic gift with the initials inside the heart which will remind your sweetheart about you. Digby & Iona tried to make the Wood jewelry similar to its natural namesake not only in color and texture but even in shape. Impressing! Read More »

Cute Embroidery Jewelry from Metal, Cloth & Wood

Looking for some unique and pleasant gift for your nearest and dearest? They will be greatly delighted by the delicious adornments made of sterling silver with tiny and cute handcrafted embroideries by Metal, Cloth & Wood.

Handmade Sterling Silver Pendant with Embroidered Heart

Little embroidered hearts, diamonds and so on bring certain cheerful mood, and presented as a gift such gem will always remind warm feelings connecting you with the wearer. If you want to have a kind of deeply personal present Etsy shop offers you’re a line of pendants, necklaces or even keychains with the custom photo put inside. Be sure you won’t regret about such unusual and pretty gift! Read More »

Contemporary Wood Art Jewelry by Gustav Reyes

Wooden jewelry is chosen by creative people with wide circle of interests, by those who are of inquisitive bent. Such jewelry possesses special kind of energy and sophistication which can be felt by people with perfect taste. Gustav Reyes presented his collection of Wood Art Jewelry which looks really contemporary and stylish. Fanciful twists and curves make these pieces of art very interesting and unusual.

Greater Than Cherry

The designer believes that human being is inseparably linked with nature, so he tries to work with it but not against. Gustav Reyes deeply appreciates our inner natural world and demonstrates this in his jewelry. Nature breathes in every form. The desire to create is the main motive for him. Extraordinary yet simple his collection attracts attention. Besides one more advantage is that ecological compatibility is in fashion nowadays, so wooden jewelry becomes a modern trend. Read More »