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Truly Cocktail Rings by Piaget

Cocktail rings are also known as dinner ring or statement rings is massive rings set with precious or semiprecious stones. Most likely, the first such rings were worn on illegal dancing in the days of Prohibition in the United States. Cocktail rings were particularly popular in 40 and 50 years when a “mojito” and “Manhattan” is no longer incarcerated. Wear a ring with a large precious or semiprecious stones is still considered fashionably. Adorable cocktail rings can be found under the spotlight of the Limelight collection by Piaget. Blue Hawaiian, Paradise Sex on the Beach and Whisky on the Rocks – world-famous cocktails now made of gold and precious stones.

Blue Hawaiian, White gold, diamonds, precious stones

Blue Hawaiian, in 18K white gold and white chalcedony flower, set with one cushion-cut blue topaz, one brilliant-cut yellow sapphire and 121 brilliant-cut diamonds. Read More »