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Unusual Bridal Jewelry Ideas by Wendy Leah Dawson

Wendy Leah Dawson, a talented artist and jeweler from the UK, is very interested in different mechanisms and constructions. He tries to add some elements in his adornments. The main materials of the collections are silver, platinum and aluminium, sometimes incorporating parts of the original mechanism (for example glass). These jewels are intended to please the body as well as the wearer.

Some models from Wendy Leah Dawson look really rather unusual and interesting such as fanciful silver iris brooch or engagement ring clustered with uncut diamond forms. The designer creates in collaboration with Ian Thompson in the Innovation Centre at Coleg Llandrillo. Plunge in the world of mechanisms. For example how do you like the accessory based on a camera lens aperture mechanism? In such collections everyone will find something interesting! Read More »