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Unique Stunning Jewelry from David Rice

Timeless design is that what distinguishes David Rice’s design. It is this quality that sets us apart. The designer catches his inspiration in feelings as well as in the nature while creating his masterpieces for wearing and for the home interior. For example, the Sails collection wonderful in its unusualness is inspired by wind and water, it reminds to us about the little yacht running on the waves.

14k White Gold with Blue Spinel and Diamonds

Graffiti surprises by the interesting forms and style, while the peculiarity of Gemstones is the play of colors in the facets of the jewels. Made of silver and gold, decorated by the finest gemstones, the adornments from David Rice please by its top-quality and perfect craftsmanship. Read More »

Beauty with a Thought: Wedding Jewelry from Efva Attling

Efva Attling, the brand appreciated by many world-famous celebrities, presented the wedding collection which follows the main conception of the designer “design with a thought”. These are the thoughts about the sweetheart, the one who is loved. The unique jewels are stylish, beautiful, and inspired all at once. The tender accessories are really luxury sparkling with gold or silver and the diamonds.

Each ring is different with the others. For example what can be more romantic than the ring with a sweet engraving? Or maybe you prefer simple and elegant one? In this wedding collection everyone will find something to his taste. Different sizes are available. Read More »

Handmade Wedding Rings by Dalya Israeli

Dalya learned to see the beauty of jewelry art from early childhood. She often was walking the streets of Jerusalem, which were filled with markets and stalls. Dalya Israeli studied design at Corcoran School of Arts in Washington D.C. in the United States. Then she continued her education at the Holon Academic Institute of Technology in Israel. Then she was studying craftsmanship of designing and creating handmade gold jewelry. Dalya Israeli got professional certifications in jewelry and goldsmithing from the Israel Ministry of Labor as a result of hard work and gaining great experience.

Antique Style Paris Rose Gold Wedding Band

Each wedding ring should be unique and perfect. Wedding rings from Dalya Israeli are the embodiment of the eternal all-consuming love and loyalty, tenderness and romance. Some rings are made in antique style and some of them are made in modern style. Everyone can find something special in these adorable jewelry pieces. Read More »

Love is on the inside – Handcrafted Wedding Bands

The wedding is a fountain of positive emotions. Love is something that is not the strength of any science. Rings are integral part of the wedding ceremony. Each couple tries to find the perfect one. In today’s market of jewelry you can find all sorts of wedding ideas. But there are defined standards for Wedding Jewelry. Of course you can choose any ring, because the main thing is your feelings. But if you want to choose a modern classic wedding band, then pay attention to works of this artisan.

Love is on the inside - 14kt white and 14kt rose gold wedding set

Rings made by Jesse Danger are filled with simplicity, functionality, modern lines and curves, and a touch of imagination. Feature of Love is on the inside collection in a delightful combination of two types of metal. Handcrafted wedding bands delivered in an elegant package. Read More »

Wedding Tattoo – Alternative Wedding Rings Idea

Wedding is one of the main ceremonials in human life and choosing the ideal wedding bands is also a part of wedding ceremony. Nowadays assortment of bridal jewelry has no limits. Wedding rings should become symbols of sacred union between enamored people. But why should these symbols of eternal love be a wearable piece of precious metal? On the Internet I found an interesting alternative idea.

Wedding Tattoo - Alternative Wedding Rings Ideas

Have you ever thought that you can do wedding tattoo instead of jewelry rings? Advantages are evident. First of all it will be unique symbols of you and your beloved one. Also it’s impossible to take off such kind of ring. Indeed why should you withdraw it? Precious materials are nothing in comparison with your love. Read More »

Engagement Rings made of White Gold with Blue Sapphire and Diamond

What ring can make your offer more memorable? Recent months all conversations about engagement rings definitely include the royal wedding topic. Last fall 28-year-old Prince William used the 18-carat sapphire and diamond ring to make an offer to Kate Middleton. Following this fact is not difficult to guess what kind of engagement rings is now in vogue.

Princess 18K White Gold 1.00ct Diamond and 2.30ct Sapphire Ring

Tradition to use the sapphire ring as engagement ring was started by the European Royalty. Kings believed that this stone can save you from envy. White gold and blue sapphire – isn’t it a perfect combination for engagement ring? By the way sapphire means blue in Latin, but can be found in a rainbow of colors. Read More »

Tungsten wedding bands ideas for men

Each girl in dreams sometimes thinks about style of wedding band which she wanted to have. Men dreams are much more difficult. Frequently the choice of wedding band becomes a male problem, because many of them never wore rings. If your fiancé is trying to avoid the jewelry stores you can give him an alternative idea of wedding band – tungsten ring.

AQUARIUS. Men Tungsten Solitaire Diamond Dombed Wedding Ring

AQUARIUS. Men Tungsten Solitaire Diamond Dombed Wedding Ring

This new wedding trend was very popular last year. Tungsten – is the hardest natural element on earth. Tungsten Carbide is approximately 12 times harder than gold, and 4 times harder than platinum. Thus natural qualities of this metal can be associated with male essence. These rings look very manfully and stylish. Read More »

Black Titanium Wedding Bands by Edward Mirell

The tradition of wearing wedding rings is an element of family life in a huge number of countries. Orthodox, Catholics, Protestants, Jews – all of them putting on the ring-finger of their partner symbol of marriage. My parents have wedding rings made of gold, but nowadays such an approach to the choice of the symbol of family life is not a surprise. Titanium wedding rings are forever. Inert properties of the metal and its amazing hardness have caused its use in the manufacture of prosthetic devices and weapons – these properties will ensure long life engagement rings made of titanium. Wedding rings made of titanium does not fade and will not rust.

Beveled Edge Titanium Diamond Wedding Band by Edward Mirell

Beveled Edge Titanium Diamond Wedding Band

Black titanium rings by Edward Mirell are elements of strength and masculine. These rings are all made from black titanium, some of them with diamonds. Read More »