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Soft Vintage Bracelets made of Lambskin by Balenciaga

Timeless and unsurpassable Balenciaga couturier house presented the collection of women jewelry bracelets. Balenciaga is known for the extraordinary and intricate style of its collections being a painter for colours, expressing emotions, and innovative and daring in shape and design. The collection of bracelets for women is made of leather and gold or palladium plated metal. All items are made in Italy.

Bracelet Classic

Soft vintage bracelets are available in different colours. Impressive and practical, these bracelets are perfect for the young bringing a special freshness to a fashion. Combining quality and design these pieces of jewels look very contemporary with the urban spirit. Appropriate accessorize for the modern woman! Read More »

Vintage Faerie Jewelry

Truly handcrafted jewelry by Vintage Faerie embodies the magic of love and wishes, hope and sharing. Vintage Faerie Studio also offers personal custom options for their jewelry, for example they can make a stamp of child’s name or a favorite quote on jewelry pieces. You can easily adorn and express yourself with Vintage Faerie Studio exclusive handcrafted sterling and fine silver charm necklaces.

Vintage Faerie Jewelry

Vintage Faerie Jewelry

Vintage Faerie jewelry designed to showcase the beauty of handcrafted and natural imperfections. These masterpieces are created to invoke special meaning. Each necklace, bracelet, earrings or ring is highlighted by slight imperfections which make it truly unique. Every piece of jewelry is unique and made by hand per order therefore it may differ slightly. Read More »