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Dangerous Beauty of Animalier Collection by Vandelia

The desire to become closer to flora and fauna is a popular tendency among the people of art nowadays. Animalier is a jewelry collection by Vandelia expressing love for nature. All pieces by this master Italian brand possess the best quality and a special charm. Bright ideas and suggestions are incarnated due to the unique procedure of creating which includes several steps.

Animalier Bee B White and Yellow Gold Enamel Brooch with Diamonds

All these jewels are hot-enamelled and carefully handcrafted. The goldsmiths use micro threaded pins and micro nuts made of 18-carat gold. The collection consists of broaches and pendants, and you can choose either a funny owl, or little ladybug, or bright birds and nice butterfly. The jewel items are full of light and color presenting the joy of summer. No doubt it is a fresh accessory for the young generation. Read More »