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Contemporary Titanium Wedding Bands Collection from Edward Mirell

Love is all we need, it is everywhere. When two sweethearts decide to get married they have to make an important choice what rings will seal their marriage union. Wedding rings symbolize the love between two people, so they should be not just as usual jewels.

Contemporary Titanium Wedding Bands Collection from Edward Mirell

Edward Mirell, known as the global leader of contemporary metals jewelry, crafts his collection of rings from the unusual for goldsmith jewelry metal titanium and diamonds. He uses to kinds, either black or grey titanium making his rings very elegant and expressive. The latest patented technology is used to create unique designs, colors and styles. The line of rings looks very interesting with the diamond dividing the titanium circle. Extraordinary and at the same time sophisticated design is the result of the collaboration of skills and efforts of the master. Read More »

Masculine Bracelet made of Aerospace-Grade Titainium

Rogue jewelry items are what can be called unusual gems. For example, consisting of 52 parts the bracelet has the complex structure that constantly adapt to the lines of its wearer wrist. This is the bracelets worth the real man expressing the strength and power and being stylish and elegant at the same time.

Rogue Breacher Bracelet

Crafted from the unique and finest billet block, Military Spec. G5 aerospace grade titanium which is known as one of the strongest metals in the world the pieces of jewelry resemble the military accessories. Pendants and rings simply breathe self-confidence, independence and manliness. The imagination of the designers expresses the striking reality in the groundbreaking and sometimes even shocking creations. Read More »