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Naturally Unique Engagement Rings with Rough Diamond

Nowadays there are more and more brides who love the bold things. Perfect engagement ring of course must be one of a kind. There are a limited number of techniques to cut gems. But if the gem is faceted with nature, it is truly unique stone. If you agree with this statement then perhaps you will be interested in a Bridal Boutique collection from Diamond in the Rough.

Unity Engagement Ring made Of Platinum and Black Rough Diamond

Rough diamonds is one of the most exciting modern trends in jewelry. Engagement rings from Bridal Boutique collections are made of 18K gold or platinum paved with small diamonds and delightful rough diamond. Read More »

Ring with rough diamonds set from Sruli Recht

Diamond ring is a timeless jewelry classic. Designer from Reykjavik Sruli Recht offers an interesting alternative to a diamond with an ideal-cut. Jewelry masterpiece is a set composed of ring handcrafted from 10K gold and three uncut rough diamonds (Black 3.53ct, White 1.88ct and Yellow 1.44ct).

Ring with rough diamonds from Sruli Recht

Each diamond mounted into screw-in basis with thread-form propeller claws, so you can easily change the stone in your ring. Thanks to such a design, women can change the type of a diamond, depending on the cause or time of day. Thus when acquiring a ring from Sruli Recht you get three different rings with diamonds. Ring and gems is stored in an elegant 215-piece hand-painted box. Read More »