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Treasures Inspired by The Wood from Digby & Iona

Contemporary wood art becomes very popular and actual now. Sometimes the designers use precious metals to make them look like wood. The bright example is the Wood collection by Aaron Ruff from Digby & Iona. It includes stylish accessories just suitable for the modern world.

Stump Ring from The Wood collcetion by Digby and Iona

All jewelry pieces from The Wood collection are made of solid oxidized sterling silver or oxidized vermeil and are available with or without customized engraving. Ring and cuff can be set with diamond. By the way such ring or necklace can become a very romantic gift with the initials inside the heart which will remind your sweetheart about you. Digby & Iona tried to make the Wood jewelry similar to its natural namesake not only in color and texture but even in shape. Impressing! Read More »

Sophisticated Jewelry from Eastern Star Collection

Amanda Brighton, a London based jewelry designer, stands out among others for her great fantasy. In her early years she was in India and Thailand that certainly influenced her inner world. She is undoubtedly passionate for unusual exotic ideas. Bright, cute and fanciful… This is how the jewels from the collection with the poetic name Eastern Star can be described.

Eastern Star Earrings set with black opals and pale pink sapphires in 18k gold

Amanda Brighton tries to combine Western modern lifestyle with the traditions and exoticism of the East. I guess Eastern star is considered a good example to illustrate this. All items have the flower concept bringing the cheerful and fine mood. Inspiring design collects gentle elegance with the sense of color. Such playful jewelry will be a perfect and stylish accessory to a young and romantic lady. Read More »

Contemporary Love Ring by Natalia Gomensoro

Declaration of love is probably the first strong romantic experience of anyone. The most powerful experience of romantic experiences is moment when man make offer to his beloved. This unusual ring is full of romance so it is suitable for any event.

Contemporary Love Ring by Natalia Gomensoro

Amor, ever, kiss, love and it’s not all of the words that this ring can demonstrate. Four discs with the symbols will give your imagination a chance to test its ability. Contemporary and simple love ring made from sterling silver by Natalia Gomensoro. Adorable love this ring is handmade and it’s available for both men and women. Read More »