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Masculine Bracelet made of Aerospace-Grade Titainium

Rogue jewelry items are what can be called unusual gems. For example, consisting of 52 parts the bracelet has the complex structure that constantly adapt to the lines of its wearer wrist. This is the bracelets worth the real man expressing the strength and power and being stylish and elegant at the same time.

Rogue Breacher Bracelet

Crafted from the unique and finest billet block, Military Spec. G5 aerospace grade titanium which is known as one of the strongest metals in the world the pieces of jewelry resemble the military accessories. Pendants and rings simply breathe self-confidence, independence and manliness. The imagination of the designers expresses the striking reality in the groundbreaking and sometimes even shocking creations. Read More »

Masculine Pendants made of Aerospace-Grade Titainium

What could be more abruptly titanium pendant in the form of aviation turbine? It even whistles like the real one. Titanium pendant VX-TURBINE is a fully functioning tri-blade, 30-part turbine assembly. Pendant combines sophisticated forms and sculptural surfacing that allows expanding the border processing of products. Thanks to 5-axis machining, three titanium turbine blades are accelerated through a specially designed air channels.

Rogue VX-Turbine, pendants made with Mil-Spec G-5 Aerospace-Grade Titainium 2

Titanium pendant B2-SPARROW produced by technology 5-axis machining with high precision and has secondary movable wings with an interesting visual effect. Titanium pendant PEACEMAKER was created using combination of 5-axis and 3-axis machining. Each modular wing-unit of the Peacemaker takes more than 8 hours of machine time to complete. Titanium pendant BLOCKER composed of two pieces with Rogue DZN logo. 3-axis machining has tolerances of less than 2 thousandth of an inch. Each of these pendants has a unique serial number and is an exclusive jewelry by Rogue DZN. Read More »