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Amazing Jewelry Pieces by Angelina Jolie and Robert Procop

Angelina Jolie debuted with first fine jewelry collection in Beverly Hills. All masterpieces from Style of Jolie line were designed in collaboration with Robert Procop (CEO of British luxury brand Asprey). Every jewelry pieces inlaid with precious and semiprecious stones: topaz, quartz, emeralds, diamonds.

Five Row White Quartz Tablet Bracelet by Angelina Jolie and Robert Procop

Among the items of collection there are jewelry pieces which Angelina Jolie wore in the movies. Stunning rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces are made of gold. Style of Jolie jewelry exhibited in an exclusive Julien’s Gallery in Beverly Hills. But the main mission of Angelina Jolie remains unchanged – helping children in crisis by educating children around the world. Read More »