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From Punk to Disney with Tom Binns

Tom Binns is one of the hottest designers of our time. Irish descent, now living in California, he participated in the “Punk Couture”. In the heyday of punk culture, Tom Binns has collaborated with such legendary personalities like Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren. The basis of jewelry design by Tom Binns is full of unusual artistic design and incredible combination of luxury and kitsch.

Tom Binns masterpiece

Tom Binns, also, has collaborated with Disney Couture; they created a magnificent jewelry collection inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Tom Binns creates jewelry pieces inspired with a Rock and Roll theme, for example, he created a series of jewelry with skulls. Many of the masterpieces by Tom Binns look very surrealistic and defiant but that is the spirit of punk culture. Read More »

Earrings in the style of Sex Pistols

Vivienne Westwood was always full of rebel spirits. Vivien began her design activities when she was thirty years old. In early 1970’s Vivienne Westwood with Malcolm McLaren launched their own boutique. This boutique was called SEX. In the mid of 70’s punks had conquered The Britain. Vivienne sensitively reacted to changes in youth fashion. From that moment she began her ascent.

Diamante Heart Stud Earrings Red

Diamante Heart Stud Earrings Red

Nowadays collections of Vivienne Westwood shake the podiums of London. Her collection of earrings is not an exception. Want to be in the mainstream of punk style? Then you should take heed to the Sex Pistols spirit! Read More »