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Jewelry Pieces Inspired with Unhealthy Habits by Cast of Vices

Jewelers from Cast of Vices offer quite an unusual collection of jewelry. Jewelry pieces made in the form of cigarettes, pills, caps from bottles. Some of them are decorated with flies. It is difficult to imagine what designers wanted to say with these precious embodiments of bad habits. Maybe it’s a reminder of what we should not do. Or maybe it’s a public statement about yours unhealthy habits. Everyone understands this symbolism in its own way.

Sterling Silver pendants with Semi-Precious Stones by Cast of Vices

According to the authors «Cast of Vices» – is an attempt to criticize popular culture and our obsession with addictions. Pendants, pins and rings look very impressive. All jewelry handcrafted from sterling silver or gold. Read More »

Lego Style Jewelry: A Constructive Suggestion for Adult Fans

LEGO Company was founded in 1932 and still remains the leader in the production of toys. A large number of people have been inspired by bricks of world famous line of construction toys. Jewelry designer JacQueline Sanchez has succeeded to combine incompatible.

High Profile Square Photo-etched Ring

Forever Young Collection consists of jewelry made of Lego bricks, silver, gold and diamonds. Belts, hairclips, pendants, pins, rings, bracelets, cufflinks and earrings – they are all made in the style of Lego. A full range of colors and sizes, combined with precious metals will be a highlight of your appearance. By the way Jacqueline has Achievement Award. Read More »