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Sophisticated Silver Ware from Philippe Cramer

Continuing to introduce Philippe Cramer and his creations we want to draw your attention to his Silver Ware collection of interior accessories. The collection consists of candlesticks, vases, plates, cups and votives. All items are made of sterling silver which gives them elegant and stylish look. By the way it is Cramer’s favourite material, and he pays a great attention to the procedure of creating his pieces.

Sils vase by Phippe Cramer Limited

Philippe Cramer is one of the only designers in the world to use modern perspective in silver manufacturing. He follows his concept of harmony and simplicity that is why there are no fanciful lines and shapes in Silver Ware, but it delights with its purity and cleanliness. We can’t help mentioning that this line of accessories can make the house more sophisticated and the atmosphere inside more romantic. Read More »

Contemporary Masterpieces from Philippe Cramer

Philippe Cramer, a Swiss based talented designer, creates the accessories for home as well as the jewelry which delights by its originality and unusual ideas. All items by Philippe Cramer features contemporary design having some special zests. The adornments are carefully handcrafted (the metal is worked by hand over the period of several hours) and all are unique and one of a kind. Made of silver with different expressive precious stones they can be called really imposing.

Amethyste Flower - ring in gold, amethyst and diamonds by Philippe Cramer

Being bored of ordinary accessories Philippe Cramer uses his fantasy trying to make bright, bold and memorable items. Sarine gems or Medusa ring will look elegant and fanciful, while Bulldog will certainly bring lots of fun. And Flower ring will be rather suitable for young romantic ladies. Luxury, harmony and simplicity are the components of Cramer’s art. He tries to delete all boundaries in it due to the modern technologies and his ideas. Read More »