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Nature Inspired Jewelry from Woodland Belle

We have already presented to your attention the wonderful and creative Tiny Terrarium collection from the North Carolina based Woodland Belle brand. But the imagination of Mai McKemy inspired by the surrounding flora has no limits. The Succulent collection expresses the beauty and brightness of the flowers. Crafted from plastic, bronze and sterling silver each handmade item of this collection is of original design.

Solid Bronze Sedum Succulent Necklace

It all starts with the nature, and the designer tries to show it in her adornments underlining the harmony and connection between the mankind and the mother-nature. The fun and inspiring design is devoted to the modern woman full of sensibility and charm which are sometimes hidden in the city routine. The colorful and luscious little flowers in the jewelry perfectly underline the tenderness and complete the image. Read More »

Jewelry with Nature Inside from Paula Hayes

Paula Hayes is landscape designer and creator of the amazing terrariums now makes necklaces. Living necklaces collection is a unique combination of organic design and exquisite jewelry. Small crocheted pots that are connected in a soft chain will add irresistible elegance to your appearance. Tiny plants in pots are real. You need to care for them so they do not withered.

Living Necklace by Paula Hayes

Environmentally-friendly trend is not the first time enter the world of jewelry. Living necklaces collection from the New York designer Paula Hayes is one of the best representatives of this trend. You can also use this idea to decorate the interior. With this necklace you will clearly be closer to nature. Read More »

Dangerous Beauty of Animalier Collection by Vandelia

The desire to become closer to flora and fauna is a popular tendency among the people of art nowadays. Animalier is a jewelry collection by Vandelia expressing love for nature. All pieces by this master Italian brand possess the best quality and a special charm. Bright ideas and suggestions are incarnated due to the unique procedure of creating which includes several steps.

Animalier Bee B White and Yellow Gold Enamel Brooch with Diamonds

All these jewels are hot-enamelled and carefully handcrafted. The goldsmiths use micro threaded pins and micro nuts made of 18-carat gold. The collection consists of broaches and pendants, and you can choose either a funny owl, or little ladybug, or bright birds and nice butterfly. The jewel items are full of light and color presenting the joy of summer. No doubt it is a fresh accessory for the young generation. Read More »

Jewelry that are Beautiful by Nature

Gold, silver and platinum are precious metals. Most jewelry is made of them. Masterpieces made by leading jewelry houses of course are beautiful. These jewelry can be beautiful forever. But there is another kind of beauty. These jewelry pieces are quite different but share one thing – they are beautiful from the nature.

Tiny Succulent Garden Ring

Exquisite design of these jewelry pieces will not leave indifferent anybody. Unusual shapes can complement your appearance and add a drop of romance to your mood. Such as delightful combination of Hermit Crab shell and plant. Or toffee ammonite necklace made of sterling silver. The beauty and lightness fill wish necklace. Tiny Succulent Garden Ring is another proof that plant jewelry is becoming popular. It’s not all… Read More »