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Joyful Bracelets Collection for Kids by Kit Heath

Kit Heath is famous for the jewelry made of sterling silver which underlines imaginative youthful design. Children often like to dream. Make fairy-tale closer with funny and cute bracelets from the talented designers. Any piece of jewel can become the perfect birthday present or christening gift.

Bon Bon Bracelet

Decorated with candies, stars, ducks or horses, dancing around the bracelets, they are full of childhood memories. Silver wristwear or bangle will make a little lady a real princess. Charm and lovely the pieces of jewels in Kit Hearth collections combine new and inspiring design. Bracelets are very beautiful; presenting as a gift they can pass on the parents’ tenderness to the children. Make your nearest and dearest happy with these creative and amusing jewels. Read More »

Neon Jewelry for Babies from Bloesem Kids

Jewelry made by the best craftsmen from precious metals and precious stones are ideal elements of luxury for adults. Jewelry for children does not need super expensive materials. Because kids are the treasure by themselves.

Fish Aquamarine - Neon Jewelry for Kids

Irene Hoofs is graphic designer from Amsterdam. She created BloesemKids in 2007. Nowadays she lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with her husband Rik and two sons. Each necklace or choker is made of Swarovski crystal, elastic cotton and sterling silver lock. The number of colors and forms knows no boundaries. Graceful jewelry pieces are equally well looked on girls and on boys. Read More »

Precious Gifts for Baby by Tiffany&Co.

Jewelry pieces from Tiffany are dream of every woman and satisfaction ambitions of every men. Tiffany is forever, like diamonds. Tiffany&Co – one of the few companies that are not bypassed their attention the youngest buyers. Where else you can find silver spoons, photo frames, miniature tea sets, and even bubble blower for your child?

Precious Gifts for Baby by Tiffany

The gift collection for baby by Tiffany is startling in its cute design and elegant appearance. Spoons in sterling silver are symbols of knowledge and education. Gleaming sterling silver baby cups with original designs. All these, and many other ordinary things full of style and elegance curved lines by Tiffany&Co. Read More »

Tooth Fairy gift ideas for kids

The legend says that the tooth fairy gives a child a small amount of money (sometimes other gift) instead of the dropped out baby tooth of a child. The advantage of using tooth fairy is that the child receives some kind of compensation for pain or trouble. Furthermore the child gets used to care themselves it will come in handy later. Also it is considered that tooth fairy tradition helps children to understand the difference between reality and imagination.

Twyla Tooth Fairy

Twyla Tooth Fairy

Great crafty idea with a gift from the tooth fairy offers resource called Something 2 Brag About. Amazing bracelets handcrafted with special attention to detail. Made of sterling silver and different beads these lovely bracelets and necklaces will be a cute gift to celebrate losing of the baby teeth. Read More »