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Kate Middleton’s Earrings and other Masterpieces from Robinson Pelham Jewellers

The Royal Wedding has passed but the solemn event continues to arouse keen interest. Surely it is needless to say that each detail in the appearance of the bride made this day a bit more special. Pay attention to the beautiful diamond earrings which Kate Middleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge, wore to this great day. The sophisticated jewelry was the present of her parents. The earrings were made as the bespoke commission of Robinson Pelham Jewellers Ltd Company which is known for intricate and fascinating design encouraging subtle lifestyle.

Diamond set earrings worn by HRH The Duchess of Cambridge on her wedding day

As the basis of the concept for the earrings the oak tree was chosen. The design was inspired by the family’s new coat of arms. It combines acorns and oak leaves. I should say the little acorns are zests of those beautiful earrings. They perfectly suit Cartier Halo tiara lent to the young bride by the Queen for the wedding day. Of course there’s some special thrill in the royal jewelry. Read More »