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Sapphire Flower – Dazzling Masterpieces from Jewelry Collection by Bvlgari

Sapphire Flower collection by the worldly known Italian jewelry brand Bvlgari, is something you will certainly admire. This is the embodiment of elegance, beauty and luxury. The collection including sapphire earrings, necklaces and rings is made of 18K yellow gold, diamonds, pearls and of course fancy sapphires hypnotizing by the play of the colors. Needless to say, that these masterpieces possess the top quality.

18kt yellow gold with fancy sapphires, diamonds and pavé diamonds

The adornments by Bvlgari simply breathe with sophisticated feminine spirit. The Sapphire Flower features exceptional quality and an innovative style which are strictly followed by this jewelry house. The wonderful and refined jewels appeal to the sense of beauty in everyone who sees them. Gorgeous! Read More »