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Dangerous Beauty of Animalier Collection by Vandelia

The desire to become closer to flora and fauna is a popular tendency among the people of art nowadays. Animalier is a jewelry collection by Vandelia expressing love for nature. All pieces by this master Italian brand possess the best quality and a special charm. Bright ideas and suggestions are incarnated due to the unique procedure of creating which includes several steps.

Animalier Bee B White and Yellow Gold Enamel Brooch with Diamonds

All these jewels are hot-enamelled and carefully handcrafted. The goldsmiths use micro threaded pins and micro nuts made of 18-carat gold. The collection consists of broaches and pendants, and you can choose either a funny owl, or little ladybug, or bright birds and nice butterfly. The jewel items are full of light and color presenting the joy of summer. No doubt it is a fresh accessory for the young generation. Read More »

Women’s jewelry spring summer 2011 collection by Lanvin

House of Lanvin is one of the oldest fashion houses, continuously operating since 1909, created by Jeanne Lanvin. Luxurious collection of jewelry Lanvin has united insects and strict geometric shapes. Jewelry pieces made with stones and crystals, which are so skillfully handled, that cannot be distinguished from the real jewels.

Silver metal and crystals Insect necklace by Lanvin

Angular futuristic elements, insects, butterfly on amazing harness made with calfskin. French fashion house is fully prepared to the new season. Jeanne Lanvin was woman of extraordinary creative force and energy. Pieces of this energy contained in each collection by house of Lanvin. Read More »