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Extraordinary Handcrafted Rings by Selda Okutan

These unique hand-made rings are crafted by Istanbul jewelry designer Selda Okutan. She successfully finished Mersin University in 2005. Then she worked in several large jewelry companies. But any artistic person needs freedom to create masterpieces, perhaps thus now Selda Okutan working as a freelancer.

Of Mice and Men Ring

These rings are not similar to any others. They can be compared with miniature sculptures. Selda Okutan is often use human figures and shapes of the heart in her works. These rings are carefully handcrafted from silver and gold. Some of them decorated with precious stones. Truly extraordinary rings inspired by beauty and freedom of 3D. Read More »

Mechanism of the Heart is Clockwork Love

Our heart is the mechanism of love. And this mechanism is similar to clockwork. This idea is shown in an extraordinary collection of jewelry called A clockwork love from Tjep.

Wings XL from Clockwork Love

Tjep is very creative group of Dutch designers. Of course, these multilayered hearts do not relate to everyday accessories. But thanks to the philosophical mood of the collection, they will surely be popular among the category of people who are not afraid to seem strange or even a little crazy. By the way, every such clockwork heart embodies not only the concept of time and love, but also a particular emotion. These jewelry pieces have more than one year, but if you try you can find. Read More »