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Unique handmade Jewelry from Earthly Icons

We want to present to you attention the striking Lapidary Art by Mark L. Milanich by EarthlyIcons. You will not leave it without attention due to the rich palette of colors playing in the gemstones used. Creative, modern and stylish the jewels included in the collection look very elegant. Simple shapes are completed by the fanciful design and high quality of production.

Pietersite, Citrine and Sapphire

Each of the items is carefully handcrafted and is unique. The brightest gemstones which are probably one of the biggest designer’s love are collected personally from the shores of Lake Michigan. Sophisticated gems look very harmonious and make you closer to the nature. Enjoy the visual form giving and expressiveness in the Lapidary Art. Read More »

Bright and Cheerful Jewelry from Lizglizz

Lizglizz shop offers handmade jewelry with images of characters from famous consoles games. Collection was replenished with new products in early September. Among them you can find well-known characters such games as Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Kirby. Cartoon characters have not gone unnoticed.

Super awesome accessory for any Mario fan

Adventure Time, Pokémon and even YouTube sensation Nyan Cat also were used as sources of inspiration. Author of jewelry is full of enthusiasm. Liz is the author of these jewelry pieces and she is full of enthusiasm and ready to listen to your ideas and suggestions. All of these products are made of polymer clay so they are bright, cute and not too expensive. Read More »

Mysterious and Romantic Locking Rings from Metal Couture Jewelry

Ring with a secret compartment is rare thing in our days. William Llewellyn Griffiths offers a very interesting idea of such rings. For example Poison Ring is one of his works. But this ring contains more romantic and less danger.

Heart Locket Ring with Key

Gorgeous one is made of 18K white gold and diamonds (a total of 0.37 carats). To access this heart you will need a special key. Cherished key with chain made of white gold included in the price. This pair may become a symbol of your feelings and help to initiate very strong relationship. Metal Couture also can do it from yellow gold or sterling silver. All these sets are handmade in Melbourne, and come in a beautiful black box. Read More »

Designer Cufflinks from Star Trek to Transformers

Cufflinks are integral part of the business fashion for many years. In recent years they have been actively used by designers as element of business women appearance. You can use this accessory not only in business image, but also playful or even a bright and youthful.

Copper Fashion Cufflinks - Star Trek Design

With the help of cufflinks, you can radically change the focus of your suit, especially if your cufflinks decorated with trendy symbols. Cufflinks with an image of Decepticon Megatron packaged in an elegant box can be a very interesting gift. May be your friends are fans of Apple then you can find an excellent cufflinks for them in this collection. Everyone will find at least one pair of interest. Read More »

Cheerful Ceramic Jewelry from Beathe Hustoft

Nowadays handmade jewels are in great fashion. Many designers prefer to make their masterpieces themselves. Among them is Beathe Hustoft, a happy girl who creates her masterpieces from the clay which she finds very convenient for such purpose. As she says she catches the inspiration in everything she sees: in nature, science, typography, literature, architecture etc.

No guts no glory, Necklace with porcelain pendants on a sterling silver chain

Visit her Etsy shop to find a lot of different and rather unusual clay adornments that are very simple and at the same time have their own special zest. Bea tried to put some humor in every piece of her collection. The result is that each of it simply breathes with life, cheerful joyfulness and youthful fervent concept. Read More »

Dangerous handcrafted earrings in tribal style

TribalStyle store offers very aggressive jewelry. Tribal culture itself is derived from dance of various tribes. Today tribal is a new trend of dance, young and fun. Movement in dance, were collected from different nations, different cultures – India, Spain, Middle East, Africa and the North. All these cultures Tribal combined into one – tribal culture. This trend develops brightness and independence.But before the performance people was dressed special costumes and jewelry.

Fake Gauges - Small Bone Hooks

These earrings look very warlike. The materials used are all natural and eco-friendly. The earrings are made from wood, coconut, and salvaged bone and horn. Ethnic style jewelry became very popular recently. Given the fact that the price is quite reasonable, I think it is worth trying. Read More »

Vintage Jewelry Storages with Hand Painted Detail by Michal Negrin

Boxes for jewelry storage are not only the present actual for all the times but also the possibility to joy oneself. Such small chests are known to the mankind from ancient times. All noble ladies traveled with them. Nowadays this item doesn’t lose its importance. Needless to say that women adore gifts, especially jewels. But it is impossible to imagine such present without the appropriate wrapper.

Michal Negrin jewel storage made from polyester adorned by Swarovski crystals and printed decor

The collection called Personal Items by Michal Negrin can become a good solution. Cute or practical, lovely or daring, unusual or traditional… Tastes differ, and you can choose any chest you like. Jewelry storage is an obligatory attribute for each woman. It can be even called the house for your gems. So Personal Items offer a wide range of different chests. They will be not only comfortable and practical storage but also the pleasure for eyes being the result of creative designer’s imagination. Read More »

Exceptional Jewelry: Animal Series by Haoshi Design

“Haoshi” means “good things” in Chinese. The designers from this company try to follow the philosophy of life full of joy and interesting things that bring happiness to us. Animal series are the bright illustrations. Consisting of rings and necklaces these jewels bring cheerful mood to everyone by all means. Double rings from Animal Series by Haoshi Design have received Silver Award of International Design Awards 2011.

Exceptional Jewelry - Animal Series by Haoshi Design

Each of the jewelry from these unusual collections introduces some animal to us. In our daily life the routines often make us forget about the joyfulness that nature endows people. The designers from Haoshi add some kind of purity into their concept. Each jewel brings certain mood and emotions. And of course this collection reveals the hidden nature of people in the big city. Extraordinary jewelry pieces handcrafted from metal and resin. Read More »

Handmade Wedding Rings by Dalya Israeli

Dalya learned to see the beauty of jewelry art from early childhood. She often was walking the streets of Jerusalem, which were filled with markets and stalls. Dalya Israeli studied design at Corcoran School of Arts in Washington D.C. in the United States. Then she continued her education at the Holon Academic Institute of Technology in Israel. Then she was studying craftsmanship of designing and creating handmade gold jewelry. Dalya Israeli got professional certifications in jewelry and goldsmithing from the Israel Ministry of Labor as a result of hard work and gaining great experience.

Antique Style Paris Rose Gold Wedding Band

Each wedding ring should be unique and perfect. Wedding rings from Dalya Israeli are the embodiment of the eternal all-consuming love and loyalty, tenderness and romance. Some rings are made in antique style and some of them are made in modern style. Everyone can find something special in these adorable jewelry pieces. Read More »

Handcrafted Wedding Bands Ideas

Wedding ring is a kind of symbol of the next phase in the life of every human being. Of course each of us tries to make its own pair of wedding rings to be the ideal one. The easiest way out is to accumulate more money and buy rings from the well-known bridal collection of well-known jewelry brand. Think how many thousands of these rings are produced in a year?


The features of handcrafted rings are in their uniqueness. Maybe the artisan is not able to achieve such a perfect alloy like factory can do. Perhaps pattern of the rings will be a little bit different. But these rings will contain a piece of soul because they are made by human hands and because they are made especially for you. Read More »